Does You Does, Or Does You Don'T Take Mack?

The Science Of Mack.

Salt Cleanse

I should just jump in, its wonderful...and then keep writing in a little damp bathing suit, tha will keep me cool for sure. So I didn't stick to my diet, or cleanse lame I know, but really, I need to go out for fast or brisk walks in the morning..much better then starving myself...I love food too much for that. Ok I probably will maybe, possible, attempt a cleanse or a detox...OR just stay drinking and eating good....yes, thats more likely...I DO want to get going and work our, absolutely. Im lucky I have no crazy cravings...I never binge on ice cream or cookies..I do get scary at the appetizer table...yes, I more a salty person then sweet, and I think that is better....